4.5 Foot Pedals and USB Devices

InqScribe now supports USB input devices. That means that you can create a shortcut or a snippet and sets its trigger to be an input element of a USB device, like a foot pedal or the button on a gamepad.

To use a USB device, just click the Define Trigger button in the Edit Shortcuts dialog. Then press the button or pedal you want to use for the trigger.

Note that you can use modifier keys with USB devices. So you might set your left foot pedal button to one shortcut, but set Shift-left foot pedal button to another shortcut.

There are some limitations. Mice and trackpads are automatically prevented from being triggers, because they serve a basic pointing function. And you must have drivers that allow your USB device to be recognized by your system, if you want InqScribe to recognize it as well.

Some of our tips for assigning keyboard shortcuts are also relevant to foot pedal settings.

If you forget to plug in your USB device when you launched InqScribe, that's OK. Just use the Edit > Enable Shortcuts menu item to quickly turn shortcuts off, then on again.

Foot Pedal Setup

If you have a foot pedal, you can use the Edit > Set Up Foot Pedal... menu item to open a wizard that will guide you through the process of assigning your pedal buttons to shortcuts. Note that there's nothing in the wizard that you can't do via the Edit Shortcuts dialog. The wizard just provides an interface designed for foot pedal users.