6.6 Spruce STL

InqScribe can export subtitles in Spruce STL format. This format is supported by DVD Studio Pro (and probably other applications).

You can find general guidance for exporting data elsewhere.

6.6.1 Exporting STL

STL is a straightforward, fairly readable text-based format. Timecodes are always formatted using 30fps. Here's an example.

00:00:00:00,00:00:15:10,Start of video.
00:00:15:11,00:00:17:12,Puts down toy.
00:00:17:13,00:00:25:18,Picks up toy again|and then lies down.

You can fit multiple lines of text in one record by using the '|' character to separate the lines.

You may also insert your own STL commands at the top of the file via the Commands field.