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6.2 Final Cut Pro 7 Markers

New in version 2.1. Support for exporting marker files is new and may need work. Please contact us if you have issues so that we can make it better.

6.2.1 Exporting a FCP 7 Marker File

Exporting markers to Final Cut Pro 7 generates, well, markers that you can use (and search) within FCP to help keep track of your footage. If you need to generate subtitles or captions, please use the Export to FCP 7 XML feature.

The export process is currently very straightforward. Select File > Export > Final Cut Pro Markers..., and then pick a name to save the file as.

InqScribe will generate an XML file that you can import into FCP using the File > Import > XML... menu item. The import will add the markers to a specific sequence that you can select.

macOS User Guide (see Windows)