6.3 HTML

You can find general guidance for exporting data elsewhere.

6.3.1 Exporting HTML

Exporting to HTML creates a HTML page that consists of a table. Each record in your transcript appears as a row in the table. The table has two to four columns:

  • Start time
  • End time (optional)
  • Speaker (optional)
  • Text

See the general export page for information about how to specify which columns should be included. Here's an example with just start time and text.

00:00:00.00 JOHN: OK. Throughout our project, our variable was the amount of wiring.
00:00:04.05 At least in our first test we were going to use the amount of this kind of wiring... what we'd vary in each of our straws.

InqScribe outputs very basic HTML. In most cases, you will probably want to copy the table's HTML out of this file and paste it into another page. The export process saves you from having to manually convert each record to HTML.