2.3 Resizing Media

InqScribe normally displays video in its native aspect ratio. When possible, InqScribe will open video content in its actual size. However, movies larger than about 480 pixels wide will normally open in a slightly reduced size.

2.3.1 Changing Video Size

Use the window splitter control to resize the video with the mouse. The splitter is located between the video and the transcript. Your cursor will change to a horizontal splitter when you're over it. Grab the splitter and drag left or right to resize the video.

2.3.2 Changing Video Aspect Ratio

For various reason, it is possible to open a movie that, when displayed at it's native aspect ratio, appears "stretched." You can usually correct this by applying a specific aspect ratio like 4:3 or 16:9.

To change the aspect ratio, use the View menu or right-click on the video itself to bring up a contextual menu with view options.

You can also specify the default aspect ratio for all opened media in the Preferences dialog.